Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement of Hyemin Han


Children run toward me and I hug them enjoying the sweetness of the world. They have always been enriching my life and healing my soul. Their ‘being now and here’ refreshes the moments letting me ‘be myself’. In the world, there are many children whose imaginations are restricted, whose rights to be loved are ignored, whose pains remain unhealed by their situation or environment. I, as a theatre artist, believe that theatre is one of the best ways to convey hope and embrace the pain naturally. I hope to have a sincere relationship, heart to heart, with the young audiences through my creative theatre works.

Theatre can touch children’s heart and senses. Beyond the words, it can make them feel through it. For pursuing the mission ‘to convey hope and embrace pain’, I seek to actualize the imaginative world on a creative stage by using condensed stage language rather than using text so that it can be conveyed to the hearts directly; that it can meet and enlarge children’s imaginative world. Currently, I am devoting myself to create small-size theatre, which can be performed anywhere; it can make any place as a very special theatre. I feel by using this method the audience can feel closer to me and therefore feel more involved in the show. Change begins from here.


About hyeminhan

- Independent Performing Artists. - Founder of Theatre H
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