A Man with a Lump 혹부리 영감

A Man with a Lump, collaborative TYA performance by artists from Asian regions has performed in Festival PUM!


A Man with a Lump‘ was co-created by Hyemin Han from Korea, Lee Mihee from Japan,Thiruveer Reddy from India based on the Korean story. During the residency program period organized by Mindeulle Theatre Village, those three artists started working on creating a piece by themselves unofficially working in the early morning or late night after the official program, and got an opportunity to meet the audiences in the Festival PUM. Truly amazing and fun time working together. We hope to meet again and proceed it further.

Adopted by Hyemin Han

Co-created/ performed by Hyemin Han, Mihee Lee, Thirupathy Reddy





올 여름, 민들레연극마을에서 열린 레지던시프로그램 기간동안 번외로 아시아 예술가들과 창작한 공연, 혹부리영감. 품앗이 축제에서의 공연모습!!

각색: 한혜민
공동창작/연출/출연: 한혜민(한국), 이미희(일본), 티루파티 레디(인도)



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- Independent Performing Artists. - Founder of Theatre H

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