A Midsummer Night’s Little Theater Festival!

독립공연예술가들의 잔치인 국립극단의 <한여름밤의 작은극장> 축제에 ‘참여놀이극 ㄴㅜㄴ/눈‘이 함께합니다!


언제: 8월 23일(토) 24일(일) 저녁 6시 30분
어디서: 국립극단 야외 등나무 앞(서울역 서부역 건너편 위치)

자세한 정보는 국립극단 홈페이지를 참고해주세요^^


20140814_143610   20140814_143412   20140814_153526

‘A Midsummer Night’s Little Theatre’ Festival will be held on August 22nd – 24th at National Theatre Company of Korea! This is a unique festival with diverse solo performances for young audiences by independent performing artists in Korea. ‘The Eyes’ by Hyemin Han will be performed as an officially selected performance at 6:30pm on 23rd- 24th, August, 2014.

한혜민 - 눈 한혜민 - 눈


About hyeminhan

- Independent Performing Artists. - Founder of Theatre H

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