hyemin han

Hyemin Han is an independent and passionate young artist in Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) who explores her own paths in experimental ways. Working for ASSITEJ Korea as an international coordinator (2010-2011) has broadened her perspective of TYA world. She established Theatre H and has been working as a performance creator/director/actress for young audiences. She also has been involved in various international collaborative works such as Next Generation Program organized by ASSITEJ in 2012.

Currently, she has devoted herself into creating solo performances which can communicate with the audiences in a closer space. Also, as a teaching artist, she creates drama workshop combined with theatrical story and leads theatre projects in schools. She feels that social responsibility as an artist is important, whilst pursuing Arts for Life.

한혜민(반디)는 아이들과의 빛나는 만남을 통해 오늘도 아이들과 함께 성장하고 있는 독립공연예술가이다. ‘작은극장H’ 를 결성하여 현재 어린이공연을 만들고, 연기하고, 또 연극으로 아이들과 함께 신나게 뛰어놀며 행복을 누리고 있다. 처해진 환경 때문에 상처받고 마음껏 꿈꾸지 못하는 아이들과 연극을 통한 만남으로 함께 꿈을 키워나가는 것을 목표로 하고 있으며 현재 ‘독립공연예술가네트워크’ 창단멤버로서 언제 어디서나 이루어질 수 있는 작은 공연 창작 작업을 주로 하고 있다.



Theatre H was founded by Hyemin Han, an independent performing artist, hoping to meet with the audiences through Heart and leave Hope. It pursues to create a small-sized theatre by using various sensual expressions and images beyond the language.

독립공연예술가 한혜민을 주축으로 하여 차려진 ‘작은극장H’는 마음(Heart)으로 만나 희망(Hope)을 남기기를 꿈꾸는 창작집단이다. 텍스트에 갇히지 않은 다양한 감각적 표현과 이미지를 사용하여 언제 어디에서나 이루어질 수 있는 소규모의 공연을 지향한다. 대표작으로 아코, ㄴㅜㄴ/, [.]A Period 생리에 관하여가 있다

*e-mail     : hyemin1128@gmail.com

*작은극장H(Theatre H) : facebook.com/theaterh

*네이버카페: cafe.naver.com/theatreancco


Artist’s Statement of Hyemin Han


Children run toward me and I hug them enjoying the sweetness of the world. They have always been enriching my life and healing my soul. Their ‘being now and here’ refreshes the moments letting me ‘be myself’. In the world, there are many children whose imaginations are restricted, whose rights to be loved are ignored, whose pains remain unhealed by their situation or environment. I, as a theatre artist, believe that theatre is one of the best ways to convey hope and embrace the pain naturally. I hope to have a sincere relationship, heart to heart, with the young audiences through my creative theatre works.

Theatre can touch children’s heart and senses. Beyond the words, it can make them feel through it. For pursuing the mission ‘to convey hope and embrace pain’, I seek to actualize the imaginative world on a creative stage by using condensed stage language rather than using text so that it can be conveyed to the hearts directly; that it can meet and enlarge children’s imaginative world. Currently, I am devoting myself to create small-size theatre, which can be performed anywhere; it can make any place as a very special theatre. I feel by using this method the audience can feel closer to me and therefore feel more involved in the show. Change begins from here.