Mooni’s Door

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A special journey to “World of the Doors” begins on the table!

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, 9-years-old, just transferred to the new school.

The next day is her birthday, but she couldn’t give her invitation card to anybody.

On that night, she takes a journey to “World of the Doors” by chance,

and meets “Mooni’s Door” which is tightly closed….

Duration: 50 min  /  Age over: 6


This performance talks about the various ways of communication and courage to open the hearts.

It invites the audiences to the stage with the full of imagination which one actor tells the story using daily-life props and stationery


🎼 Song of Mooni


“Brilliant imagination in everyday life”

_Korean Drama, February 2020 / Performance critic Hwang Seung-kyun

“Rediscovery of familiar objects”

_Audience from Seoul Art Space Gwanak, 2021

“Fantastic performace!”

_Audience from Children’s Theater, 2022


Playwright/Director/Performer :   Hyemin Han

Stage Design : Jeein Song

Object/Prop Design : Songee Lee

Costume Design: Soojin Lee

Composer: Sebin Shin

Stage Manager : Seongok Cho

Produced by Theatre H

supported by 2019 Creative Arts Theater Project, Seoul Art Space Gwanak


Best Show, Children’s Theater Arts Award 2022

Special Prize, Seoul Children’s Theater Award 2020

Performed in

Children’s Theater Festival, 2022
Chuncheon Puppet Festival, 2022
Pohang Street Arts Festival, 2021
Seoul Street Arts Festival, 2021
ASSITEJ Korea Summer Festival, 2020
ASSITEJ Korea Winter Festival, 2020
Shinchon Arts Theater, 2020
Seoul Arts Space Gwanak,  2019
West Seoul Arts Education Center, 2019

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